1. Different Exercises You Can Do In Water

      Water exercises are some of the best types of aerobics you can do for your body. In the water, your body is lighter, can work more muscles, and add more of a resistance so your body can work harder. In some of our past blogs, we went over aquatic therapy and hot water therapy benefits. Read The Difference Between Hot Water And Aqua Therapy, The Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy, Aquatic Therapy In S…Read More

  2. The Difference Between Hot Water And Aqua Therapy

    Taking care of your body can be the difference between having an array of health problems versus feeling and looking healthier. You’ve probably heard through the years that what you do now matters for how you will feel later on. When you take the time to exercise properly and eat healthily, you’ll notice how much better you’ll feel when you’re older. For example, when you smoke cigarettes…Read More

  3. The Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy

    In some of our previous blogs, we’ve discussed aquatic therapy and hot water therapy. Both of these types of therapies are great for your body from the older crowd all the way to the younger ones. For more information, read Hot Water Therapy In A Hot Tub, Water Aerobics To Try In Your Swimming Pool, and Aquatic Therapy In Swim Spas. At Leisure Time Warehouse, we can provide all of your swim spa…Read More

  4. Aquatic Therapy In Swim Spas

    Water exercises, aerobics, running, and therapy are all beneficial for your body and even your mental capacities. Doing water activities is a great way to strengthen your health and build body muscle. If you’ve been wanting to get a swimming pool but don’t have the necessary means to have an entire inground swimming pool or above ground swimming pool built, then it’s time to start thinking …Read More

  5. Hot Water Therapy In A Hot Tub

    Do you have a lot of aches and pains? Have you found your limbs aching after a long day of work or after the gym? Hot water therapy or hydrotherapy, as it’s sometimes called, is a type of water therapy to heal your body. Not only does hydrotherapy target your aches and pains, it also allows your body to heal. With three healing ingredients that consist of water, buoyancy, and heat, you’ll be …Read More

  6. Water Aerobics To Try In Your Swimming Pool

    If you have been thinking about getting a swimming pool for the many health benefits it provides, then you’re on the right track of thinking. Water aerobics and swimming are two of the healthiest forms of exercising you can do. First, swimming allows you to move and exercise every inch of your body. Second, water exercising is fantastic for older people because it limits the weight placed on th…Read More

  7. Why You Should Have Your Swimming Pool Built In Winter

    Have you always wanted a swimming pool, but could never get it because of this or that reason? Do you stare longingly every summer at your neighbor’s swimming pool wishing you could jump in and have a soak? Are you tired of spending money on a pass to the community swimming pool with the floating adhesive bandages and crying children? Do you dream of jumping into a refreshing swimming pool when…Read More

  8. How To Maintain Your Swimming Pool During Wintertime

    Once you purchase a swimming pool from Leisure Time Warehouse your job isn’t over. Besides swimming and enjoying the swimming pool you purchased, you also need to properly maintain it so you are able to take advantage of your pool during the warm months in Cleveland. After the swimming pool has been installed and you use it all spring and summer long, you need to know how to take care of it duri…Read More

  9. Health Benefits Of A Swimming Pool

    Now, is the time to get your swimming pool built so you have it just in time for a hot Cleveland summer. When you come to Leisure Time Warehouse, we’re able to have your swimming pool built in a timely fashion and with efficiency. It might be hard to image having a swimming pool while it’s still cold outside, but there are many reasons you should get a swimming pool for your home. First, swim…Read More

  10. How To Enjoy Your Hot Tub In The Winter

    Winters in Cleveland can be brutal with the snow storms, below freezing weather, and the wind off Lake Erie whipping at your face, which is why with a hot tub you will be able to ward off the below-freezing nights and the snowy weather. It can be difficult to maintain a hot tub in the winter, but if you have no fear of running to and from the house in a bathing suit, we encourage you to splurge an…Read More