1. How You Can Save Money With A Pool Safety Cover

    Who doesn’t love saving money? We know we do! It’s that knowledge that you have a little extra padding in your bank account or that you’ve managed to eliminate that voice that said you have to buy one last item even though you know you don’t need it. Saving money will give you that comfortable, proud feeling in your chest, and now when you buy the necessary equipment for your swimming pool…Read More

  2. Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Safety Covers

    In Why You Need A Pool Safety Cover, we went over the importance of having a safety cover for your swimming pool. In a brief overview, safety covers will help to protect your pool for dirt and other debris, as well as keep your family and your pets safe. Pool safety covers will also save you money in the long run because they are efficient and you won’t have to worry about purchasing new pool eq…Read More

  3. Why You Need A Pool Safety Cover

    When you own a pool, it’s important that you take the time to care for it properly. After all, building an inground swimming pool is an investment that you’re making and you want to make sure it stays in tip top shape for as long as possible. By taking care of your swimming pool, in the long run, you’ll be spending less money because everything is in great shape. At Leisure Time Warehouse, w…Read More

  4. How Hot Tubs Can Heal Your Body

    What’s the first thing you think of when you imagine a hot tub? Do you think about relaxing after a long day of exercise or of work? Do you imagine yourself finally letting yourself go after a lot of stress? Did you know that hot tubs are a lot more than just sipping on wine and relaxing after a work day than you originally thought? Did you know that hot tubs can help your body heal by soaking i…Read More

  5. What Is Bad Ragaz Ring Method?

    Aquatic therapy can be some of the best types of exercise for your body because of the strengthening and low impact approach to exercise. Aquatic therapy is great for those who want to strengthen their body, who have recently had an injury or a surgery, or those who need low-impact exercises. One of the best ways to participate in aquatic therapy is by using a swim spa. A swim spa is smaller than …Read More

  6. Get The Most Out Of Your Pool This Summer

    The sun is beating down on you, the Cleveland heat is becoming more and more unbearable, and all you want to do is soak in your swimming pool. With 90 degree days in the future and offices that are sticky with humidity, coming home to a swimming pool sounds like the perfect end to a long, balmy day. The summers in Cleveland have always been hot, but this one seems to take the cake. It’s only the…Read More

  7. The Advantages Of Water Jogging In Swim Spas

      As an athlete or someone who has experienced a lot of damage to their body due to injuries and surgeries, it’s important to listen to what your physique is telling you. In the case of athletes, when you listen to your body you’re able to ensure you are in tip-top form. If you’ve experienced severe injuries and surgeries, then you’ll need to take the time to stretch and work your body wi…Read More

  8. The Benefits Of A Swim Spa

    Compact, easy, and beneficial to your health, swim spas are the perfect springtime purchase. The splashing, the fun, and the easy maintenance of keeping up a swim spa should be all of the benefits you need to make your decision if you’re adding one to your backyard. However, with a purchase like this, you’ll need to know all of the benefits to make an executive decision on whether a swim spa i…Read More

  9. Prepare Your Swimming Pool For Summer

    The Cleveland Indians have begun to play their regular season, the Cavaliers are in the finals for the third year in a row, the Browns have finished their draft, and there have been more days of sunshine than ones with snow. It must be time for summer to appear. Summer in Cleveland means eating Honey Hut ice cream, going to Indians games, and of course, swimming in the swimming pool. However, even…Read More

  10. What is Ai Chi?

    In some of our past blogs, we’ve given you some great information about water exercises to try out. In The Difference Between Hot Water And Aqua Therapy, we went over some water exercises you can do in your pool. One of them that we mentioned is Ai Chi. If you’ve never heard of Ai Chi, then we’ll give you some background on what exactly Ai Chi is and why you can start to do it in your everyd…Read More