lt_swimspasIf you’ve been thinking about getting a swimming pool, but don’t have the room in your backyard or don’t have the funds to afford one, then you should look into a swim spa. A swim spa is essentially a smaller version of a pool and can come in different sizes or styles according to what you want. Swim spas are generally about 12 to 24 feet in length and allow you to swim in place to exercise harder and work your body in a different way than swimming laps in a regular sized pool allows. Swim spas are great for those who want to focus on water exercises such as underwater running, strength training, and water aerobics rather than having a swimming pool for leisure. When a swimming pool is too costly, then a swim spa is the best route to go.

Quality Swim Spas

What’s great about a swim spa is that you’re continuously swimming against a current, so you’re able to have an impersonal swim trainer. Swim spas allow you to focus more on building on your swim skills by swimming against the current so you are not able to ‘hit a wall.’ Instead of investing in a large swimming pool, our swim spas are built to allow you to swim without having to do laps in a regular sized pool. Instead, you swim against the current, which allows you to build up your stamina as you swim. As a personal swim trainer, the swim spa will help you exercise consistently and allow your body to work in a new way rather than just swimming laps.

Swim spas are also a great investment because in addition to strength training, swimming, underwater running, and water aerobics, you’re also able to relax your body. How many times have you come home from a long day at work and wanted to relieve the stress you carry around from a long day? How many times have you wanted to relax? A swim spa is able to help you with stress relief and relaxation by allowing your body to move in an interactive way to de-stress.

An Exclusive Dealer

At Leisure Time Warehouse, we offer affordable swim spas and spa tubs. Located in Mayfield, Leisure Time Warehouse is able to meet all of your swim spa needs. If you’re looking for a swim spa, such as the Michael Phelps Signature Series Swim Spa, then come check out what you could have in your backyard when you take the time to come down to Leisure Time Warehouse. Our swim tubs have different features such as the stainless steel hardware, therapy seating, and exercise equipment. For whatever reason you’re looking to obtain a swim tub, we’re able to offer our unique styles that are visually appealing and exclusively available with us.

When you come to Leisure Time Warehouse, you’re able to take advantage of swim tubs, pools, and hot tubs for a great price. As a high-end luxury supplier of swimming pools and hot tubs, we make sure to match anyone’s needs when it comes to finding the right swim spa within your budget. Some of the swim spa products we offer are the Master Spas® MP Series and Michael Phelps Signature Series Swim Spa. Some of the features you can take advantage of are the Xtreme® Therapeutic seating and stereo system, so you’re able to have a high performance in your swim spa and comfort. Come visit us at Leisure Time Warehouse, we serve the Greater Cleveland area and are proud to say we’re the only dealer who offers these unique products.

Our Benefits Include:

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Built in foot massage jets
  • Sleek designs inspired by European styles
  • Stereo system
  • Multiple speakers and subwoofer
  • iPod docking capabilities
  • Xtreme® Therapeutic seating and cover option
  • 50-amp operation for energy efficiency
  • Laminar flow and water features
  • Dual temperature controls
  • Underwater, deluxe LED lighting
  • Wave Technology with adjustable propulsion system control
  • Tapered spa cover

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